Metal detection coils


Plate coils are the most simple and common of the coil models. Their metal detection capacity

is good enough for most of uses and they are very easy to install.


These are common use industrial metal detection coils. The only limiting factor for their use is

the thickness of the examinaned material.


A metal detection coil model of vibrating conveyor and beltconveyors where material distance

from coil surface is low.

DPT coil installed in beltconveyor

PIC 1. DPT , PIC 2.



A metal detection coil which is designed for PANEL BOARD industry. The detection sensitivity is good especially on the surface of the coil.


A metal detection coil which is designed to meet the needs of the pulp industry (for example, the feeder of a chipping machine). picture 1.


A metal detection coil with aperture is a coil in which the material or items go through the aperture in the coil. The detection coils with an aperture is used in cases where the detective capacity of a plate coil is not good enough. The measurements an the form of the coil aperture vary depending on the purpose of use. The basic forms are hexagon, rectangular and a circular coils. When choosing a metal detection coil with an aperture you should first find out the maximum dimensions of the examined material or the items because the smaller the size of the aperture, the better is the detective capability of the coil.



The hexacon formed metal detection coils are designed to be used in log conveyors. They are designed

to have an optional correlation between the diameter of the coil aperture and logs that go through. 


The rectangular metal detection coils are the best choise in case the conveyor belt is wide and the material going through is thick or the object is big. The detection coils can be used, for example, in the pulp industry where logs are delivered in bunches. The rectangular detection coils are also usen when a better sensitivity is needed. When choosing the size of the coil you should take into consideration the space that is  needed for the conveyor and the chute that goes through.

PIC1, 2, 3, 4


The circular metal detectíon coils are designed to be used in cases where the examined

material goes through a pipe..