Metal detector MD500 is suitable for use in every industrial sector which there is a need to indicate the presence of hazardous and harmful metal objetcts in raw materials or products.

The device detects both magnetic and non-magnetic pieces such as nails, srews, pieces of threads, fragments, chains, metal clips, metallic bottle caps, aluminium folios, etc.

MD500 metal detector  is a vital instrument in protecting products and manufacturing machinery form damage and interruptions that foreign metal objects may cause. The detector is fully automatic and easy to use.

Metal Detector MD500 contains the Basic Unit DB1 and a Detection Coil








There are green Function LED and red Alarm LED on the cover of the basic unit of the metal detector. In case of detection the red Alarm LED lights up and the alarm relay switches on. An external signal lamp, alarm bell or alarm light can be connected to the relay. 

The conveyor can be stopped or the ejector and the marking device be controlled with the help of the relay. The device will automatically return to the normal mode after a detection and it will be ready to operate after the metal objects have been removed or the device can be switched on by pressing tha reset button. The detection sensitivity of the device can be adjusted according to the purpose of use.

The electronics of the metal detector MD500 are  made of tested high quality components only. Special attention has been paid to the temperature and frost resistance of the device. The basic unit is mounted in waterproof steel box to which the cables are connected through sleeves. The metal detector has automatic compensating circuits which keep the device correctly tuned in changing temperature and humidity conditions.

Technical maintance of the detector is very easy as all its units are easily accessible. The electronics of the device are divided into several changeable plug-in units. All the most important units contain a measurement circuit which is connected to the test instrument on the front panel. A possible fault will be located by the test instrument and the faulty plug-in unit will be replaced.


The MD910 I metal detector efficiently detects i the vicinity of its detector coil. The MD910 I is lightweight, easy to use metal detector which requires very little training. Operation is so easy that even firsttime users feel comfortable with it. The MD910 I is a realible metal detector for many different applications. The detector coil, shaft and cable can be emersed in water without impairing operation. The mechanical construction and electronics of the MD910 I are designed to fullfill the needs of professional users. .