Industrial metal detectors delivered worldwide

The MD500 is suitable to be used in all industry sectors where harmful and damaging metal pieces in raw materials or products must be detected. Users include sawmills, the paper and pulp industry, crushing plants, power plants and other sectors in which conveyors must be stopped due to harmful metal. The device detects both magnetic and non-ferrous magnetic metal objects, such as: nails, screws threads, shards, chains, metal chips, metal caps of bottles, aluminium foils, etc.

Magnets remove part of the metals, but not non-ferrous magnetic metals, such as aluminium, copper and stainless steel. The MD500 metal detector is an irreplaceable measuring device when protecting products and production machinery from the damages caused by excess metal objects and production interruptions caused by them. The device is fully automated and easy to use.

MD500 brochure

The Metal Detector MD500 consists of a Basic Unit DB1 and a Detector coil


There is a green operation LED and a red detection LED on the cover of the base unit. If metal is detected, the red LED illuminates and the alarm relay operates. An external indicator light, alarm bell or light can be connected to the relay. Relay control can also be used to stop the conveyor or control the ejector and marking device. After detection, the device automatically returns to being ready to use after the metal piece has been removed or it is started with the reset button.

The device’s detection sensitivity can be adjusted according to the purpose of use. Only high-quality, tested components have been used in the electronics of the MD500 metal detector. Particular attention has been paid on the heat and frost resistance of the device.

The basic unit has been installed in a watertight steel casing to which the cables are brought to via flange seals. The metal detector has automatic compensation circuits that keep the device accurately calibrated in case of temperature and moisture level fluctuations.

The metal detector is extremely easy to maintain since all the units are effortlessly accessible. Electronics have been distributed in to several separate and replaceable injection units. All the most important units include a measurement circuit which is connected to the test meter located at the front panel. Potential faults are located with the test meter and the faulty injection unit is replaced with a new one.

Colour marking device CM1/B

The colour marking device CM1/B can be connected to the MD500 metal detector to mark a detected piece of metal. The device includes a pressurised ink tank, a pressure controller, a solenoid control valve and an automatic spray gun. 1-2 automatic spray guns can be connected to the device.

Other auxilliary devices

Glass fibre trough

Alarm bell

Alarm light

Reset button

Track pulse sensor